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To pass respect to/mention of a relative/girlfriend/boyfriend/ethnic group//city/country/state/college/planet and increasingly being employed by Linux/Unix geeks on a radio station/television station ESPECIALLY that god-awful show Total Request Live. If justice was true to its name, then Carson Daley and crew would be ass-rammed, without lube, by a gaggle of Hispanic prison-inmates who have clicked on penis enlargement emails and have applied for credit cards. In addition to that, the people that appear on the show will receive anal fisting's, again without lube, and then, summarily executed. Amen.
"Yoyoyo, I just wanna pass a shout-out to ma homies in the Big D! Detroit! WOOOOOOOO!" *viewer covers ears*
by Julio, Juarez and Juan March 03, 2004

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