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What the Civic should have been called.
Just because you put a fart can and an intake doesn't mean your fast. And please don't drift your gayvic peace of crap FF car around us drifters any more!
by Julian Silva June 11, 2008
Abbreviation: Fuck front wheel drive.
Mostly used by drifters or people who hate front wheel drive cars.
As seen on S13's, RPS13's, S14's, S15's, Silvia's, 240SX's, ER32's, ER34's, RWD Skylines, FB's, FC's, FD's, RX7's, AE86's , or any RWD/drift car with vinyl stickers.
Guy 1: Dude look at that gayvic.
Guy 2: Yeah I know FFWD!
by Julian Silva June 11, 2008

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