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The Distinction between Overstanding and Understanding is a matter of "authority". If you can use something or do a job, you understand and memorize enough to act. In order to innovate or redesign, you must overstand. Understanding can Drive the car, but Overstanding Builds it, (or replaces it with something better). The difference between Under and Over standing is the difference between Oper-ating and Cre-ating. Understanding does the Job, Overstanding wrote the Business Plan. It is similar to the distinction between Academic "Knowledge" and Experiential "Wisdom". Overstanding emerged as a word from the global hip hop culture, to help portray an ethic of entrepeneurialism , self sufficiency, and sustainability.
"Overstand the Definition, then write your own."

(Check any Hip hop lyric that uses it. I recommend "Sol illaquists of Sound. ;)
by Julian Picaza October 14, 2006
A kind of Metarational awareness or insight, like intuition but more conscious and grounded in reason.

(Noesis (Greek: νόησις) comes from Greek, and means insight, similar to intellection or intelligence.

The word "noetic" is derived from the Greek word "nous," meaning mind, intelligence or ways of knowing, There is no exact equivalent in English.

It refers to "inner knowing," a kind of intuitive consciousness, or direct and immediate access to knowledge beyond what is available to our normal senses or the power of reason.
It was like they were blessed with some noetic faculty that enabled them to leap beyond the confines of what their senses or their research indicated, and land directly on the heart of the dynamics of the reality they were investigating.
by Julian Picaza January 08, 2011
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