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shortened (and cooler) version of "butthole"
(while prank phone calling)
"Do you like b-hole sandwiches becuase I do! i'm gonna come over and make out with you now."
by Julia Marino May 09, 2006
an excalamtion derived from the words caca (doodies) and barn.
Can also be used as a nickname. Not related to the literal meaning.
On a roller coaster

"hey, cacabarn, how's it goin? Dude, I did not steal your bubblegum, will you just let it go already?"

by Julia Marino May 09, 2006
an alternative to "Fuck"
"Fuch you!"
"get out of my room, fucher! You are driving me up the Fuching wall!"
by Julia Marino May 09, 2006
A person who has a big head but not much to show for it. Kind of an asshole, but sometimes loveable at the same time. Cocky and pretentious, althouh they pretend not to be. Can occasionally be used as a term of endearment.
Paul McCartney
Emeril Lagasse
Yoko Ono
Bono (megatool)

God,andrew, you are such a freaking tool. Stop talking.
Hello, tool face! Where have you been? I miss you!
by Julia Marino May 09, 2006

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