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The act of getting the penis massaged with a females mouth
juice: can i get some money.
bitch: no.
juice: you suck!
bitch: nope, i give more of a oral massage, than sucking
by Juice Pimp June 21, 2004
bad breath that can kick you to sleep.
a. It can cause serious lung damage if exposed to long.
b. Head trauma or nausea is also a side affect.
Soldier: Sir, we're losing we need to release the "bomb"
Commander: Ok soldier, everybody put on your gas mask, release the beast!
Soldier: yes sir, let the bitch go, this is a sure victory now.
Commander: I just hope no civilians get harmed.
by Juice Pimp June 21, 2004
Can be defined in two ways:

1. The act of getting skull from an inexperienced girl.
2. One with there brain on E
1. Bitch: emm, u taste good
Juice: shut up and keep bobbing for scrotum sauce
Bitch: should i lick the balls.
Juice: ah man!(shaking head)
by Juice Pimp June 22, 2004
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