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Individuals that make decisions for themselves, based on thier own code of ethics, different from the mainstream , more restrictive and held to higher standards withen their own. They are loyal to their "families", whether family by blood or family by heart. They are not judgemental among themselves, lending great support to each other ini time of need, thru music and soulfull writings. They are Doctors, College students, office workers, constructions workers, fathers, mothers, daughters, sons, sisters and brothers to each and to all. They do walk to the beat of a different drummer, to music that only their hearts can hear and recognize. They Love, they cry, they bleed.
As with many traditional societies, Juggalo/Juggalettes have adopted some common bonds that help to identify and set them apart.. thier custom of living on the cheap, drinking faygo, obscuring their faces and masking thier common identity to place themselves on equal footing with those around them... I am not a Juggalo, as I allow myself to be conformed and restricted by society and how i perceive others to judge me in my walk of live..

I respect these individuals for their strentgh and bond that allows them to say Fuck You to the worlds restrictive pigeon holing rules, and to follow their dreams.

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