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Big Beautiful Women
No not all overweight women are beautiful, but not all thin women are beautiful either. There are beautiful sexy women considered overweight. There are also overweight women that eat fairly healthy, eating lean meat and vegetables and are very active. I know 100s of so called thin women that eat junk food all the time and have never seen the inside of a gym. We all have different genetics and metabolisms. I think there are beautiful women in all shapes and sizes and there is no reason to critisize any woman regardless of their size. There are millions of women who struggle with their body image and relationship with food all across this country and they are every size and shape. Why does anyone have to hate anyone? Why can't people just build other people up instead of tearing down? What does anyone actually get out of critisizing someone else? These are the people who have self-esteem issues!
Wow, she is a BBW! She is confident, gorgeous, and a blast to be around!
by Judge not October 01, 2011

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