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A nick name for Miley Cyrus because she is a retarded redneck whore and a skank.

The name was given to her by the haters of Miley Cyrus which is a club and a movement of people who hate Miley Cyrus because she is in love with herself and a skank.
There's Miley the singing turd.
by Judge dredd7 May 17, 2011
A way that some guys have of telling a woman to pull down her panties so he can fuck her.
Drop your drawers.
by Judge dredd7 January 09, 2012
A term that means to fuck a woman.
So you want to fuck her.
Yeah, I want a get all up in there.
by Judge dredd7 November 28, 2011
Another name for the Tires on a car,truck etc.
My car needs some new boots.
by Judge dredd7 November 19, 2011
A movement and a club of people who hate Selena Gomez, Because she's so full of herself and so spoiled that she don't know jack squat about the real world.
She's in haters of Selena Gomez.
by Judge dredd7 September 10, 2011
What is considered to be the worst insult ever,meaning that someone is less then worthless etc.
I wish you would die and burn in hell you big fat turd!
by Judge dredd7 February 13, 2011
A political philosophy and movement that seeks to subvert and/or overthrow all the governments of the world and to replace them with a Government that would has no laws restricting sex whatsoever and that would promote the type of sexual behavior seen in all kinds of porn,promote orgies and have Government sponsored orgies,sponsor the production of porn and promote sex with and among teens of all ages. And generally work to make there citizens horny.

According to pornism what makes life so bad is lack of sex.
The term comes from porn+ism
We support pornism.
by judge dredd7 November 13, 2012

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