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People who are classified as geeks because of their interests in role-playing games; that is they live 'underground' like moles playing role-playing games.
"Ah, man, don't spend your Saturday with the mole people."

"Don't those mole people have anything better to do with their lives?"
by Juanski Miklowski October 19, 2004
Cool; very skillful; awesome.

Usually spoken with a flourish. Can also be taken as 'très' varekai meaning very varekai. The reason why very varekai is not used is because 'very' varekai is too much of an alliteration and the word originated from Quebec/ Northern United States area where French is spoken.
"That performance was très varekai."

"Your skills are varekai, man."
by Juanski Miklowski October 20, 2004
An exclamation of disgust or humor towards someone trying to be cool to fit into a social group, with little knowledge of what the group is about; being clumsy and unaware of what's going on.

Synonym: poser
"Oh, great! North Side, Tommy!"

"That new kid was all, 'North Side'!

"Stop trying to be 'North Side,' man."
by Juanski Miklowski October 19, 2004

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