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1.Mexican tv program about the life of some teenagers (Mia, Roberta,Miguel,Rocko) that think are rebelds just because they kiss and feel love
2.A disease or illness that is attacking all latin america and in a future the U.S, it atacks all teens doesnt taking to account the raze religion or social stratum
* principally attacks Persons with a week mind
The principal symptoms are: Start Using brazalets that said RBD and making songs a 3 years old guy could make and finally believe you are Rebeld
They are ""REBELDS"" because they sAid helloo thats ridiculous..... what would think real rebelds as the Che guevara, the guys of the clockwork orange or lennin
Xgirl: Wow did you watch rebelde yesterday
Xboy: No thats a pathetic program it sucks
Xgirl: ok i would accept that program is a shit
by Juan felipe July 24, 2006
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