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Judging by the previous definitions, a guido must be someone who inspires a lot of haters. These haters have probably had their girlfriends stolen by a guido who actually goes to a gym and takes care of himself. It probably happened at a bar where the guido was actually having a good time dancing while the unshowered white-bread boyfriend (from Ohio with no rhythm who thinks he is a New Yorker because he has been here 3 years) was off in the corner complaining about Bridge and Tunnel people coming into the city and wishing he had downloaded that way too cool new obscure alt-rock/retro 80s (undanceable) song on his iPod.
I have no culture, ethnic food, family loyalty or rhythm of my own where I am from in Bumble F@ck USA so I make fun of guidos and pretend to be a hip New Yorker.
by Juan Cazador July 23, 2004

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