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Girl folds her legs behind her head like a ball. The guy picks her up, puts her in a full nelson from the front and proceeds to insert his large erect penis into her flaming vagina while marching around the room thrusting her wet pussy
John: I heard Jim marching around his room...he's prolly circus ballin' the shit outta Mary
by Josie Domer September 28, 2006
2 or more guys slapping their wieners across the face of a girl laying on the bed with her head hanging off.
My 10 friends and I gave Jill the Gauntlet last night...She had many mushroom tattoos on her face.
by Josie Domer September 28, 2006
Your about to hook up with a girl and you were drinking, and you come across your nasty Beer Breath and thats where your emergency gum comes in effect. You have to be sneaky and cleaver to get this by a suspicous girl- first you lean over acting lik your going to cough, then you slip the gum mouth, and proceed with the original plan.
"Jim realizes that he has beer breathe so he secretly sneaks a piece of refreshing emergency gum."
by Josie Domer September 29, 2006

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