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A euphemism to the female body parts, specifically the vagina. First popularized on The Tonight Show by the fruitcake lady, who would offer bits of humor and advice to people, like a live "Ann Landers" column.
Woman, you ain't gettin' no sex tonight, because you don't keep Miss Puss clean!
by Joshua C November 30, 2007
1) A girl with an enormous vagina. Named after the large puppet Snuffleupagus on Sesame Street.

2) Also a term, either endearing or demeaning, depending on who you say it to.
1) I tried to nail her, but I couldn't stay in because she had a snuffleupacunt!

2) Yo, Snuffleupacunt! What's going on, babe?
by Joshua C May 14, 2008
A human that is a "host" of a cunt. (ie, a female)
I hate walking through these halls in the morning. All the stupid cunthosts stop and talk and get in my way!
by Joshua C October 20, 2006
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