2 definitions by Joshi Woshi Padoshi

A Word Said Because,

a- You Don't Want To Say Bitch
b- You Say It Because You Think It's Funny
c- Someone Already Has Bitch/Bizatch As "Their Word"
d- It's A Nicer, Calmer Form Of Just Calling Someone A Bitch
Hey Bizlatch, Over Here! Wanna Go Steady?
by Joshi Woshi Padoshi November 12, 2006
This Is Basically When a Guy Wants Some Major Sex So Bad, He Get's To The Point Where He Finds The Most Desperate Girl To Have Sex With, No Matter How Ugly She Is.
Girl~ That Was The Greatest Ever, One More Time?
Boy~ Sorry, It Was Just A Booty Call.
by Joshi Woshi Padoshi November 12, 2006

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