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A term used to define the "realocity" of an individual. Often used to describe how "tough" or "ganga-skilled" one is.
Shanequa:I been sleepin' wit yo man, beyotch! *insert two finger snaps for good measure*
Ranaenae:Oh no you did not!
Shanequa:Oh yes I did, bitch! Whatchu gonna do about it?
Ranaenae:I gonna keep it real, you chickenhead.
*insert some low-class rap and a "pimped out" low rider.*
---===15 minutes later===---
Ranaenae shows up at Shanequa's abode in her worn out Cutlass Supreme carring a wooden baseball bat and a half-empty carton of eggs. First, she smashes out the front window of Shanequa's car, and proceeds to cake both the car and house with the eggs. Moments later, police arive on the scene to find Ranaenae scrawling something on Shanequa's house with black spraypaint. The then arrest her, throw her in their cruiser, and take her down to the police station. Ranaenae then claims police brutality and is released, so as promote good relations with the public.
by Josh from AK March 24, 2004
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