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2 definitions by Josh Whitmarsh

a shit so bad that you and anyone around you needs to shower afterwards, while in the shower, washing your asshole, you get the left over poo that didn't come out with the toilet paper under your fingernails.

A sack-a-poopie shared with everyone.
Steve had a mud fudge and now I need to wash my hair.

Wow, what a mud fudge. Now everyone needs a shower.

Tom's mud fudge ruined my suit. Tom's such a sludge-slinger.

I had mud fudge and no one was there to share it with me so I got mad. Then I cleaned the walls.
by Josh Whitmarsh March 25, 2006
Usually this happens when you can't make it to the bathroom in time and the poopie makes in your pants, this is squished into a ball and when you take your underwear off it hangs down and looks like a sack-a-poopie.
Matt ate a lot of beans and now he has a sack-a-poopie

Matt likes to have sack-a-poopie for lunch.
by Josh Whitmarsh March 25, 2006