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A primitive sound used to represent a personal feeling. Due to the generic and modular nature of the word, the actual implied meaning varies from person to person.
"RAWR! I am a lion, fear me!"
by josh taylor November 01, 2004
1. (n). a sheet that covers the anus.
2. (v). a category that is misinterpet from "An Album Cover" from SNL.
Deal. Let's take Anal Bum Cover for $400. - Sean Connery
by Josh Taylor June 21, 2006
The stupifingly cute, pink eyed, freckle cheeked girl from the Tenchi Muyo! Series.
"If you make me leave, I'll hate you forever, so there." -Sasami
by Josh Taylor March 08, 2004
Noun. A person who believes that imaginary people or places are real such as Jesus, God, Satan, angel, demon, Heaven, hell, etc. To remedy this, you must stop believing that these imaginary beings are real or you will be labeled as a "church fanatic" and possibly be put in a mental hospital.
Keep your silly ideas away from me, you church fanatic.
by Josh Taylor June 02, 2008
A fraternal name given by the Skull and Bones Society to George W. Bush, Antichrist.
George W. Bush is Magog or Mabus.
by Josh Taylor October 08, 2006

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