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2 definitions by Josh Onimus

A chant spoken highly of the wise group known as eetists.

A sense of humor defined simply of bastard humor, cruel humor, and other weird oddities
"Wow dude, i seen "Roots" last night, and i must say the slaves getting whiped was eet"

"That lady getting run over by a semi is quite eet if you ask me"
by Josh Onimus December 10, 2003
4 13
A chant spoke by a group known as eetist.

oot , a derivative of the eet
spoken mostly of apelike eetist
"wow man , I just saw "Amistad" , and the slave scenes are eet"

"Holy shit!, that lady just got nailed by that semi, EET!"
by Josh Onimus December 10, 2003
4 16