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1 definition by Josh Diamond

being vegan means that you do not consume any animal products including meat, eggs, diary, etc. or animal byproducts and do not wear any animal products like leather, wool, silk, etc.

and i just wanted to add in that not all vegans are nazi's we are all cool people and just because we are vegan does not mean that we dont like people who eat animals or use animal products. it is just our dietary choice we believe that you shouldn't eat or harm animals. i think it would be great to see more vegans but most of us dont try to push it on anyone. for example both my roommates eat meat and i am vegan and we get along great i respect their decision and they respect mine
john- hey man would you like some steak

vegan-no thanks man i am vegan,thanks though

john-aw, sorry man, i bet that is hard i could never do it

vegan-no it really isn't that hard at all, you should just give it a try, if you dont like it dont do it. but it is healthier and it saves the animals

john- no thanks man i like meat too much.

vegan-oh its cool, its not for everyone i guess

by Josh Diamond February 22, 2007