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The juice that accompanies poop and sometimes a wet fart.
Alicia: Stop fartin' all the time, you've got duece juice all over your dirty undies!
by Josh Allard August 02, 2006
when you fart and accidentally let out some duece juice.
Josh: If you don't stop I'm going to fuice my pants.

past tense Michael: Dude, i gotta get to a bathroom quick, i just fuiced my underwear.
by Josh Allard August 02, 2006
All matter even a fart is made up of one of four substances, gas fart, solid poop, liquid fuice, or plasma plart. A plart is when you fart or drop a duece and the gas form of a turd known as fart is accompanied by a plasma goo, usually very warm.
Michael: a crap, I just farted and somethin' else came out with it.
Josh: did you shart?
Michael: No.
Josh: did you fuice?
Michael: No, I think I plarted.
by Josh Allard August 02, 2006
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