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Directly translated, "What the f*ckin' f*ck". A variation of the term wtf for geeks, or for when wtf does not express enough anger for the situation.
"He just shotput the bowling ball and got a strike! I've been trying hard the whole time and haven't gotten a single one! WTFin' F!"
#syn: wtf #f*ck #sh*t #damn #etc.
by Josh (Foog) Ross December 05, 2005
To cause a very negative effect or induce serious pain.
1. "Don't download anything, I don't want you to gank my computer, like you did with that virus last time."
2. "I was working out in the gym, but I strained too hard and ganked my neck! It's gonna hurt for weeks."
#hurt #break #screw up #janked #crinked
by Josh (Foog) Ross April 10, 2007
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