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When you're actually a punk past the dividing line.
Despite the dividing line, that guys actually a punk. He's a dividing line exception
by Josh, The One September 24, 2008
someone who has never strayed from what they were told in kindergarten, ussually from the United States. The only exeption is they do have lots of sex and do lots of drugs, but outside of that, they never strayed from being what they were brainwashed to be.
Preps think they're real people, do to modern times having a more "liberal" society, but they're not.
by Josh, The One September 21, 2008
imaginary line dividing the time before total and absolute exploitation of subculture, and the time there after; the dividing line being around the year 2000
I know you think you're a punk or a goth, but he was real before the dividing line.
by Josh, The One September 21, 2008
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