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Stupid posers who cherry pick parts from everything else, corrupting them and making the people who did that thing originaly look bad, for axample sXe. think My Chemical Romance and Fall Out Boy are punk. Sad pathetic individuals.
scene kid: Hey check me out I'm straight edge that makes me soooo cool. Have you heard the new Fall Out Boy cd? It's sooo punk and that makes me punk!

other1: What a poser
other2: what do you expect, he's a scene kid.
by Joseph MacDonald April 12, 2007
Straight Edge is a way of life. It includes

no smoking
no drinking
no drugs
no premiscuous sex

It is somthing people decide to do because they don't want to fuck up their body just for a rise. sXe was originated by hardcore IT'S NOT FUCKING EMO! scene kids stole straight edge to be cool and so now a lot of people think that sXe is just a trend for fags who think thry're cool. Some bastards claim edge because it makes them feel superior.
I'm straight edge, and I don't want to make people feel inferior. It's somthing I chose. The local scene kids claimed edge for about a day, probably making them feel really cool before they went back to drink and drugs to help them with their non existant lives.
by Joseph MacDonald April 08, 2007

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