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1 definition by Joseph Duffy

A) A fail that surpasses the level of epic

B) A fail where the fail's and epic fail's become so compacted that it can only be categorized as Catastrophic failure.
1)A quadriplegic clown (comedic irony = catastrophic fail)

2) Man: "im sorry i didn't call in to work yesterday sir. My car blew a tire causing me to go careening of the road, the paramedics didn't come for 2 hours, when i got home my wife thought i was at the bar all day from how i looked and she divorced me, and i found out i had cancer."

Boss: "you're fired"
(man = catastrophic failure)

3) crashing your car into a snowbank on your way to an interview because you over corrected your turning, slammed on the brakes, and were going to fast on an icy road to begin with.
(catastrophic driver/potential job fail)
by Joseph Duffy February 11, 2009