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Noun. Ass. Usually in referrence to the female gender.
Jimmy: Dude, check out that Ace.
Timmmy: Nice!
by Joseph Dirt June 05, 2005
An extraordinarily long or large genitalia. Usually referring to men of the African American race.
Damn, Terrell's fuckin' 'uge. He's got bonus.
by Joseph Dirt June 05, 2005
<noun> a. The thug way of saying 'gun', 'pistol', or 'raafil'
<adj.> b. The 'gh' is pronounced the same as 'ph' or the letter 'F'. Thus, the word becomes said as 'Fat' or 'Phat'. 'Ghat' is said very rarely and must, MUST be used properly.
Means: awesome, cool, hip, boppin', jammin', or sweet.
a. Nigga, stop ra'ght now o' I'll pop yous wit ma ghat like no prob', Bitch!
b. Yo, Smeez, your wheels are Ghat!
by Joseph Dirt June 05, 2005
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