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a cute nickname for Shelbys.

Shelbz's are extremely adorable and sweet, and always act like a huge cutie. Shelbz's are usually small and fun sized but that makes them that much more adorable. They like to drink a lot of soda and are too obsessive with starbucks. Even though they are very lazy and hate naps, they are the funnest people in the world. Shelbz's are very loveable and everyone wants to date one. If you get a Shelbz as your girlfriend, you'll be the luckiest guy ever and you'll never need any other girl in your life. <3

Shelbz's are the most beautiful girls in the world! They're perfect in every way possible <3
"wow look at that super cute girl over there! She's perfect!"

"she's definitely a Shelbz!"
by JordzDeen May 20, 2012
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