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A guy who wears polo shirts, kahkies, sandles and have short haircuts. Usually high or drunk all of the time. They spend most of their time in parks playing ultimate frisbee with other bros or driving their bro-mobiles around the township. Other activities include drinking, smoking, snorting, bro-ing, bro-mobiling, getting the latest Abercrombie gear and once again bro-ing. Also prefered beverage is Matti Lites and playing poker with Maecrobs.
If I were a bro I would drive a bro mobile

Hey did you see those bros we just passed, they were wearing sandles

Jordan: Were those Keezys or bros?
Rob: Maybe Maecrobs, but I think bros cause they had Matti Lites sandles and frisbees
Maecrob: Chyeah, I saw boff
by Jordan_Cowen September 08, 2008
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