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1)Said in Halo3 when killing someone charging at you with a sword
2)The opposite of Bullshit
3)Pulling something out of your ass and it ends up being correct
"Dude i totally BSed that English test but i got an A, BULLTRUE!"
by Jordan Soliman October 09, 2007
Short for Kristen. Pronounced the way it is spelled, kay ten.
Also may be known as a very amazing and beautiful female.
Boy 1: dayumm that girl is fooooinee! Shes definitely k10!
I <333 k10!
by Jordan Soliman September 02, 2009
The sound that the bass makes in techno music or beatboxing
Guy- "Dude this techno song is sickk"
Guy#2- "Yea the bass is like UNDTZ UNDTZ UNDTZ!"
by Jordan Soliman November 12, 2007

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