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A CNN anchorman who hates black people. He recently trotted over to New Orleans and actually shot a handful of black people with a paintball gun as they were trying to wade through the water. Wolf Blitzer wears air force ones and tall tees as he is reporting and reportedly, he does not give a fuck and is in it for the paperstack. He has a huge knot and rides in a yacht claiming "fuck a boat that row"
Wolf Blitzer spit dro fire over the microphone.

Wolf Blitzer looked clean in his white tee in that last reporting.

Wolf Blitzer roll deep in the news van.

Wolf Blitzer loves black people.

Wolf Blitzer drinks hennessey in his yacht.

Oh my, did you see Wolf Blitzer reporting news the other day with a cup full of that "purple drank"? That liquid codeine had him fiendin to buck on some niggers at New Orleans.
by Jordan SXE Watson September 18, 2005
A hoe dat suck yo dick off afta she eat spaghetti and noodles be stuck up in yo dick hole.
Scott: My girl be a spaghetti hoe, she ate chef boyardee den give me brain i had a noodle out my dick hole. Shit was tits.
by Jordan SXE Watson September 11, 2005
an Ice Mexican is an Eskimo
look at that fucking ice mexican driving that peice of shit honda around. Fuck hondas and fuck Ice Mexicans.
by Jordan SXE Watson September 12, 2005
a torque-less peice of honda shit.
hey look, that gs-r just got shitted alllll over by a v6 ford mustang.
by Jordan SXE Watson September 11, 2005

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