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2 definitions by Jordan Nonnenmacher

1. an enormous dump, crap, shit, or any type of large waste coming out of the anus or ass.

1. Dude i took the biggest nonnenmacher the other day, you should of seen it, It was 3 feet long and had a 10 inch radius.
by Jordan Nonnenmacher February 23, 2008
23 7
1. a pouch, fleshy bag, or container, usually holding two nuts, testes, apples, jewels, or others; ballsac.

2. A persons private space, area, or way of life.
1. Dude you just punched him right in the sac.

2. Dude why are you all over his sac, he told you the story already, get off his sac.
by Jordan Nonnenmacher February 23, 2008
52 38