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a southern prep: Often will wear the same thing as any other preppy person including polos, pearls, ribbons but will also include many different colors of seersucker (never after Labor Day) and cameo hats for boys often times for their state college of choice. Conservative with a lot of southern pride! Usually don't like "yankees" too much. Might go to a New England school but will probably end up at a school like UVA or UNC (the really smart ones) or another southern school like Bama, Ole Miss, Vandy, Georgia, etc. Will join a fraternity or sorority and be very active members. Many southern preppy families are inter-related. Many of the girls will be Debs and will eventually marry a nice southern gentleman. Most likely have gone hunting before. Will probably have houses either in Mississippi (Biloxi) or Sea Island or other exclusive locales like that. Often like sailing and are part of country clubs. Love southern tradition and are very set in their ways.
Richard is always such the preppy southern gentleman, and he looks so good in his cameo hat and popped collar at the UVA football games.
by Jordan L November 14, 2005

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