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some crazy bitch in a red coat that always seems to be missing.
Where in the world is Carmen san Diego?
by Jonny Jewsalot March 07, 2004
A phrase coined by Jonny Gomez, A commentator on MTV's old 'celebrity deathmatch' show
Nick Diamond: We really saw some ass kicking here!
Jonny Gomez: We sure did, Nick. So until next time, Good fight, good night.
by Jonny Jewsalot March 07, 2004
A hillarious show that used to run on MTV. The show was animated with clay and pitted 2 celebrities that had something in common (ie Nsync and the Backstreet Boys) against each other in a fight to the death.
Celebrity deathmatch is Fucmin hillarious!
by Jonny Jewsalot March 07, 2004
1) Penguin Feces

When penguins defecate, the resulting substance is penguin shit. Often used when you're super pissed.
Please, help yourself to Shrimp and Penguin shit.

Sally looked like penguin shit with those damn overalls on

Id rather eat penguin shit than touch your rediculous lumpy vagina.
by Jonny jewsalot March 02, 2004
An expression basically meant to tell someone to shut up. Actually means that the listener has 2 options: Shut the hell up or suck on your genitalia.
person A: fuck your couch, nigger
person B: You've got 2 options.
by Jonny Jewsalot March 07, 2004
A total douchebag, someone who thinks they're cool by creating a negative sterotype of themself. Basically a person with no friends.
Nonconformist: You laugh at me because I'm different. I laugh at you because You're all the same.
Jock: No, I laugh at you because you're a pussy.
by Jonny Jewsalot March 07, 2004
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