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Off road motorcycle racing

Rated the worlds second most phyically demanding sport in the world below professional mens soccer.
It is a racing sport with dirt bikes

It includes many forms:
Supercross- indoor racing, tee-peed jumps, hairpin turns, ect.
Flattrack - (someone else explain)
Enduro - (someone else explain)
Trail riding - someone on a trail bike ridng in a feild or somthing

Motocross is all of those but mostly refered to as the outdoor national type tracks. Good dirt is somewhere beteen light brown to red and dark brown. Usually jumps are include and a whoopdidoo (whoops) section along with sweeper turns and such.
biily bob thorton-- "what are you up to today, bubba ateaberger?"
Bubba -- "im goin to ride moto"

Sqiudly kid who doesnt really race -- "yeah i eide motocross. I did a backflip over the big red barn at my ncles farm" ... sure ya did squidly
by Jonny Donut June 04, 2004
when talking about bush jr. ... the one administration ever in the history of democracy that is a minority administration, Al Gore got more votes than W Bush in the 2000 election, that is a solid fact... look it up.
Where are the weapons of mass destruction?.. Why havent we found Osama Binladin? Why did Bush become president when Gore has more votes? and where is little timmy?
by Jonny Donut June 06, 2004
brapt comes from the sport of motocross when every bike was two stroke before the turn of the millenium.
Brrapt is the onomatapeia used when jumping or drivng something such as a golf cart or a bicycle.
It is the sound the dirt bike make s when excelerated off the lip of a jump.
Brrapt brrrrapt, brap brap, brap, brrrrrrapt(as you go around the track or just make the sound with your mouth during common day activities such as raking the yard)

and in the whoops it is: brra ba ba ba ba ba ba ba bap
by Jonny Donut June 04, 2004
See barap
brapt as you run up the stairs
by Jonny Donut June 06, 2004
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