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An 'Atodo' is someone who begins and ends each sentence with the word "wow". Eventually, after using it conversation with other people, he spreads this to others.
Dude, stop being an Atodo. Wow.
Wow, don't be such an annoying little prick. Wow.
Wow, why did you not tell me about this? Wow...
by Jonnie Wesrik May 09, 2006
To 'Stefo' someone is to take a large rod, shove it up their rectum, and pour hot liquid, usually chicken soup, threw the other end... usually ending in massive amount of pain and a trip to the ER.

Usage of this cruel technique is strongly inadvisable.

In video games, it's a word used to signify PWNAGE. Also, it can be used as a noun to signify a coward or insignificant n00b that hits, runs, and disconnects from the game.
Did you hear? Sccot-Heiser, the leader of the guild LIGHT took a really serious Stefo last night in his city.

OMG, did you see that? Sturdune just got Stefo'd!

All those Rebels were little Stefos last night. They didn't even put up a fight... stupid turds.

by Jonnie Wesrik May 09, 2006
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