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The brown speckles left on the public toliet seat after a good projectile dump.
Yo. check it. There was some pee stains on that comode in REI.I didn't want to sit on, so I just ass levatated and blasted the comode with a chocolate shotgun splatter
by Jonnie V November 28, 2007
A guy who's sole purpose in life is to steal your girlfriend
You spend your life in fear waiting for this day to arrive.
Man, I thought I was a highspeed climber, but then this higherspeed climber came along and snagged her up.....
She was so out of my league.........
by Jonnie V September 13, 2007
When you walk in on Gramps at the rest home and he's getting a blowie from Aunt Bee.
My Grandpa got dementia so we had to stick him in a nursing home. Now he's banging hotties like a fool. "Damn gramps you better slow that shit down," "STFU, sonny and just keep the camera rolling. I gots me a Fogey Porn website to keep up".
by Jonnie V June 17, 2008

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