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Just one more level syndrome is when a person is playing a video game and the person is unable to stop playing. They continue to play and think they will stop playing after they complete the level and when they do complete the level they just think they'll stop after they complete the next one and so on. The gamer will continue to play despite needing to do other things such as: socializing, doing jobs, going to work, going to the toilet, sleeping, eating and anything else. In more severe cases of Just one more level syndrome people will waste away and die. While they play they will continually think they will stop playing once the level is complete.
Matthew suffered from Just one more level syndrome and was playing a game on his Xbox 360 and it was 3am and he needed to go to sleep. Matthew intended to complete the level and go to bed and when he did finish the level he thought "Just one more level" and he played through the next level. This carried on until Matthew completed the game and upon completetion he thought "Just one more game." Matthew was not able to sleep until he ran out of games.
by Jonathan Penny August 17, 2006
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