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A form of art, similar to Unmade Bed by Tracy Emin. However, Tracy gets paid shedloads for her shite, whereas mime artists are rightly shunned.
On the Discworld, there is a city called Ankh-Morpork which is free from mime artists. They are chained over the scorpion pit, upside down, with the ever-helpful phrase "Learn Thee Words" emblazoned across the walls.
by Jonathan Kerr May 25, 2007
E-mail. A new way of making a tit of yourself in the office. Caused by sending to all, rather than your boss, or sending to your boss rather than to all. This is usually followed by the ailment known as foot in mouth, which itself is followed by being metaphorically raped, grilled, or rinsed.
Me: Hey, I found this hilarious picture of my boss on a porn site...let me see, I'll e-mail it to everyone and we can laugh at him...


*E-mail from boss, asking to see him RE the picture he just recieved...*
Oh shit!


Me: This guy in my office is pissing me off. Jeez, just because I got found with his dog. I'm gonna e-mail the boss and ask for a transfer.


*Entire room erupts in laughter*
Oh shit!
by Jonathan Kerr May 18, 2007

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