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An ant is not as big as an elephant though it has more legs and both are considered intelligent.
If an elephant trod on an ant, the ant would become non-existent. I hope you do not consider this irrelevant.

by Jonathan FeBland (Znethru) October 06, 2006
A good way of losing thousands of Euros in double quick time by backing financial or sports markets to either rise or fall. You bet a (relatively) small amount per point of the index which can fluctuate by hundreds (or if you are (un)lucky thousands) of points within a few weeks. On the plus side, you can open and close your bet at any time - sometimes you might open a position which you could hold on to for as long as 3 or 4 months. If there is rapid activity in your favoured direction, you might get out within hours and take a small profit.
Two examples of spread betting:

1. Dow Jones 'March 2007' might have a spread as follows 11200-11215. If you think the market will go up you buy at 215 hoping it will end anywhere higher than this. If conversely you think that the market will go back into the 10,000s you 'Sell' and wait for the market to fall before closing your position.

2. Cricket bet. England 2nd innings of the 4th Test vs Pakistan. The spread might be something like 295-305. If you think England will score 400+ you might buy this position at 1 Euro per run. If they score 405 you win 100 Euros.
by Jonathan FeBland (Znethru) August 18, 2006
Not into details (acronym).
The organisation for the company's AGM was going well except for two things - date and venue. We all blamed Bob as he was n.i.d. (not into details).
by Jonathan FeBland (Znethru) October 18, 2006
Either literally a financial amount or figuratively towards an artistic (or other) genre that an individual has made during their lifetime. Also used sarcastically.
1. The net contribution of Beethoven to the Symphony is incalculable.

2. Joe Blow, net contribution to society - nil.
by Jonathan FeBland (Znethru) October 11, 2006
Pseudo-Scandinavian word pronounced loosely 'schlooren', an ideal way of putting a halt to any question thrown at you by passers-by.
"Could you direct me to the Staion please?"
by Jonathan FeBland (Znethru) August 15, 2006
Taking a break from drinking alcohol.
My doctor told me to take a short alcoholiday. He reckoned I was overdoing things.
by Jonathan FeBland (Znethru) October 30, 2006
An abbreviated form of 'surfing the net'.
- "Did you go out for a nice walk today? It's been really sunny out."
- "No. I spent all day snurfing!"
by Jonathan FeBland (Znethru) October 03, 2006
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