1 definition by Jonathan Dranyer

1.) The Conservative equivalent to the Liberal's Barack Obama.

2.) A figure surrounded by so much Conservative idolatry, Conservatives support water-boarding because "It's What Reagan Would've Wanted".

3.) A term used to describe the fine, fine line between "Democrat" and "Republican".

4.) The last of the Dynasty in the "Republican Party" (beginning with T. Roosevelt); helped spawn a caricature of its former self, as the party continually tries to mimic the 'Reagan Era', but to no avail (See 'Bush Administration' or 'GOP').

5.) Ties with Obama for "Most-Ado-Over-A-Human-Being-Who-Will-Always-Be-A-Mortal, No-Matter-How-You-Spin-It" Award.

6.) 40th President of the United States of America.
Conservative: "Why can't Obama be more like Ronald Reagan?"
Liberal: "Ronald Reagan was awful; he should have been more like Obama."
by Jonathan Dranyer May 25, 2009

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