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South London slang for the beer "Stella Artois" I know it's not nice but it's slang.It doesn't have to mean domestic violence rather just a pop at the girlfriend or missus.
Me and the lads had a couple of wife beaters and went clubbing.
by Jonathan Cracknell October 27, 2007
This is London slang for asleep.It derives from the phrase "sound asleep" thus "Soundo". I think it is probably unique to London and maybe South east London in particular.
I rang you this afternoon and you never answered the phone? No mate I was soundo!
by Jonathan Cracknell February 16, 2008
Blubbling: over flowing, laughing ,giggling like bubbles exploding in the air.
I was bubbling mate! having a good time with plenty of laughter.Can be associated with being stoned and finding everything funny.
by Jonathan Cracknell October 27, 2007

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