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A happy ending or a happy ever after.
Derived from the Walt Disney movies, which all seem to have an ending just a bit too merry.
A: "Yesterday my girlfriend asked me to marry her."
B: "Aww, come on! Don't tell me she pulled all that disney crap on you again?"
by Jonas Martinsson April 23, 2008
From the word "dehydrated".

1. The refreshing feeling when one has consumed large amounts of water after a straining exercise or during an extremely hot day. Generally curing dehydration.

2. Also useable as a verb: to rehydrate.
Ex 1: In the euphoria that followed my rehydration I fell asleep naked on the floor.

Ex 2: Had I not rehydrated, I would surely have evaporated in the heat.
by Jonas Martinsson June 03, 2008
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