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The default button in many multiplayer games, such as Half-Life and mods, to check on other players, scores, ping, and other stuff.
I hit the tabkey to see my l33t score.
by Jon l33t November 10, 2004
The term "awpie" comes from the game Counter-Strike. Everyone who has played Counter-Strike knows what an AWP is, but for those of you who dont, an AWP is an overpowered rifle that is nearly 100% accurate and always gets one shot kills (unless at extreme ranges its a leg/arm shot.) The AWP is a prime example of how CS is unbalanced, but people still abuse the AWP and buy it every round and they are dubbed "awpies".
That guy is whoring the fucking awp... What an AWPIE.
by Jon l33t November 10, 2004
Best OS ever concieved. Beats linux with tux's own severed fin and makes Macintosh OS look rotten. Windows NT technology is a major step in technological advancement. Windows XP lets me play all my games and music and other media, and everything else with ease. People who dislike Windows and bash it are probably using Windows, so they should stfu. Those who do not use Windows and bash it are stupid rebels with little reason not to use it other than to be able to say "LINUX FOREVERS!" even though linux is actually a peice of shit comparable to Windows 98, only without the ability to play games that cant be emulated using a shitty program known as Wine.
Windows rocks. It lets me do everything I want with ease. People who dislike Windows and say it sucks need to STFU and download it already.
by Jon l33t November 10, 2004
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