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Rap is a type of music, just like all the rest. All music is god music as long it moves somebody and that's what really matters. You know hating on a subculture was how Hitler started, and it looks like theres 50 thousand of him right here.
Person 1: I don't like rap, but alot of people do, so it doesn't matter.
Person 2: Damn right bitch.
by Jon T November 23, 2007
Just give 'er.
To go all out, give 150%
"What are we doing this weekend?"
"Goin to Plan B!"
by Jon T November 03, 2005
When smoking a blunt or joint, taking a kamikaze is hitting it with your nose
Jeff took a kamikaze the other day! man is he crazy.
by Jon T November 23, 2007
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