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1. (verb)to consume alcohol, particularly to get drunk. also (adj.)sploozed(drunk). (noun) sploozer( someone sick from drinking)
Tonight we're goin' out to splooze.
Last night I was sooo sploozed.
Billy threw up last night he's such a sploozer.
by Jon Simard August 20, 2005
cool , hip, in-fashion
man tony's new kicks are floor.
by Jon Simard August 20, 2005
1. acronym for fucked up beyond all repair

2. Indie-cult movie by the same title, which popularized the term. This "mockumentary" highlights the lives of two Calgary headbangers, which includes drinking, vandalising, and basically fucking around which they term "given'r" There life philosophy can be summed up in one phrase "just givr'" See also white trash, pilsner, shotgunning,metal.
Man wanna get Fubar and watch Fubar then go and smash up bus shelters?
by Jon Simard August 21, 2005
cool , hip, in-fashion, current style, good
man tony's new kicks are floor.
by Jon Simard August 20, 2005
20th century Russian/American writer and philosopher. Founder of the philosophy of objectivism, which allows man to function freely on the conclusions of his own capacity for reason, and for his own benefit. Reality exists independant of man's wishes and one must use his mind to discover reality and act accordingly for his survival. Objectivism is Rejecting of altruism, and collectivism. Aims at a free market, laissez-faire capitalist politics, rejects religious and unsubstantiated claims of ultimate reality based on supernatural and non-scientific arguement .In essence it is a fully functioning right wing philsophy, unfettered with current american religious dogma. It is uncontradictory (except for causality vs. free will, and has been challenged by behaviorists, such as B.F. Skinner, who believe man has no free will due to the fact that AisA. The philosophy is outlined in several novels and essays, such as atlas shrugged, the virtue of selfishness, anthem, philosophy who needs it?, the fountainhead..etc.
Have you read Anthem by Ayn Rand?
by Jon Simard August 20, 2005
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