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a female that has an ass sticking out
further then their boobs do.
Man 1: Check out that boobadoo.
Man 2: Yeah, but I'd still hit it.
Man 1: You'd hit anything.
by jon s March 18, 2005
Paintball played on flat, open ground. The field contains inflateable barricades ("bunkers") that are made up of the same material as river raft boats. They come in various shapes, from cylinders to triangles, and are generally named after whatever they look like, e.g "Tea bag" "Coke can" "Snake". Fields are almost always symetrical along the width axis.
"The tournament was all sup'air, but the layout on field 3 sucked"
"The sup'air field over there looks like a fun one to play"
by Jon S December 15, 2003
A game of paintball / speedball that is played on a field where the barricades are made up of black, plastic, corrugated sewage pipes.

The original form of speedball that took paintball out of the woods, but has now been eclipsed by sup'air which is speedball with inflatable barricades.
"We wanted to play sup'air, but there was only a hyperball field"
"Wanna go play hyperball?"
by Jon S December 15, 2003
Your not supposed to look at the fingers, below the waist! how many times do i have to tell you!
Jonny said he had hurt his foot, but when Timmy looked at his foot, Jonny said "gottem!" and Timmy began to cry after being punched in the arm by Jonny.
by Jon S February 29, 2004

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