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An exclamation at something crazy and/or surprising. Popularized by the critically acclaimed Grand Theft Auto IV video game. Random pedestrians in the game would sometimes yell "Cheesy vagina!" when the player caused mayhem in the city streets.
Niko pulls out an AK-47 and aims it at a pedestrian on the street.

Pedestrian: "Cheesy vagina!!"
by Jon Red July 20, 2011
The Washington Generals are an American exhibition basketball team, best known for their spectacular losing streak in exhibition games against the Harlem Globetrotters.
Dean has the same chance of beating Bush as the Washington Generals do the Harlem Globetrotters.

Luke received a Washington Generals-level beat down from his opponent.
by Jon Red March 07, 2010
A word used to describe something that is both the shiznit and the bomb... AT THE SAME TIME.
Damn, these fries are the shiznitabomb!

Dude, that movie was the shiznitabomb!

Yo, them shoes are the shiznitabomb!
by Jon Red May 01, 2010
Annual payments.
I advise you to go on living solely to enrage those who are paying your annuities. It is the only pleasure I have left. ~Voltaire
by Jon Red November 09, 2009
Exercise craze popular among young men.
I do a lot of pullouties. :)
by Jon Red April 12, 2010

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