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The feeling of panic that develops in your late twenties as you sense the waning of that first hip, virile, beautiful, anything's-possible stage of adulthood, and approach the next stage, the one that comes with wrinkles and disappointments.
Me: I feel anxious.
You: About what?
Me: Nothing. Everything.
You How old are you?
Me: 28.
You: Maybe it's Thirtigo.
Me: Maybe you're a jerk.
You: Suit yourself.
Me: Wait, don't leave. I'm too old to make new friends.
by Jon Protas September 26, 2007
The terrifying underbelly of the world wide web, full of secret codes, conspiricists, militants, perverts and the government.
Dude, I was surfing the web last night, and I found this crazy site buried way deep in the Hinternet that lists every object in America owned by a mixed-race person. Dude, how sweet is that?
by Jon Protas September 26, 2007
The act of commissioning a work and then muzzling the message when it differs from expectations.
In a blatant act of spensorship, this weekend's performance at the Brooklyn Museum of SSA's (Seriously Angry Artists) "The Brooklyn Museum Must be Destroyed This Weekend, and Everyone in it Must be Obliterated in a Fiery Inferno" has been cancelled, after major funding was withdrawn by the Brooklyn Museum.
by Jon Protas October 20, 2007

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