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Rednecks are usually from small towns from the southern United States and the Midwest. A redneck does have to be a white person, but redneck are more often than not, white. A redneck can drive any kind of vehicle and they defend their favorite car manufacturer when talking. Many rednecks are conservatites and protestant or non-denominational Christians. A redneck does not have to be poor, in fact many are wealthy and successful, usually by owning their own business. A redneck usually enjoys simple things anything with wheels (usually trucks and sometimes big SUVs), hunting, fishing, mudding, and shooting guns. A redneck does not have to listen to country music all the time. I consider myself to be a redneck, but a redneck can also like things that no would expect he or she to like. I actually like metalcore, classic rock, punk, power pop/punk, rap, and southern rock, etc more than country music. Also, some rednecks have recieved a college education and as for me, I am going to have a college diploma in almost a year from now. Being a redneck has a lot to with interests and enjoying the simple things. I have a Ford Ranger pickup and I love that truck to death eventhough I messed the paint while trying to do body work. Also, many rednecks know to use the internet. Rednecks and way different than white trash and hick mean. These terms mean something horrible implying that such people are lazy, racist, and ignorant. Rednecks are not racist, but I consider racist white people white trash and I consider hicks to be severely misinformed people who share the same interests as rednecks. And yes, rednecks are not correctly defined and many of us have an open mind, but we also must remain faithful to our values. Every must hold true to what they believe is right, if we don't then we are being fake. I am a redneck but I will not brag about it because my identity is not a big deal. What I consider to be a big deal is keep our individuality and follow whatever religion we choose without fear on censorship. I am a Christian, but I think other religions should not be blocked because we would be hypocrites not to accept other beliefs.
If you have a four wheel drive truck with stickers on the back window, a Skynyrd cd in the cd player, dip or used to dip, fishing, and hunting, then all of a sudden people say you are a redneck. I say whatever because you might be missing out on a fun lifestyle that is pretty laid back.
by Jon K of the Peach State March 22, 2009
A genre of music that used to be good until it all started sounding the same. After Garth Brooks came into the fold, there were really obcessed country fans and the selling out in country became more common. Nowadays country music is full of acts trying to sound a lot like each other and many artists do not have their individuality, but many did not have that from the start of the genre. Once Waylon Jennings demanded that he would play his own songs like it or not, individual began to increase in the genre. The creativity of the country singer or band is denied when they are not allowed to be creative. Ever since maybe ten years ago or even earlier many acts have been copying each other. Individuality has been more seen in some Alan Jackson, Willie Nelson, Johnny Cash, Waylon Jennings, Bocephus, Eric Church, Brad Paisley, and in the songs of a few other country acts. However Rock, Alternative, Punk, and Metal, and Metalcore ( the one with probably the most freedom of expression and by far the most lyrically deep the majority of the time are the best). However the legacy of country music is being ruined by an attempt to commercialize like pop artists is hurting the genre of country music when they try to be all hip hop and sing about a woman's booty or follow the same formula of every other band in country or rock music. These rock bands they seek to sometimes emulate are southern rock bands, Nickelback, 3 Dooors Down, and Hinder. Honestly, country music is so far on the decline that it has to the potential to turn worse than the pop/dance and techno genres.
Nashville is selling out because country music all of a sudden became about women's butt and copying anyone in the genre who has been getting hit singles.
by Jon K of the Peach State March 21, 2009
Whenever you take a dump and you poop along with make a fart noise that is a result of air in the stomach, possibly heartburn. This fart will last more than ten seconds and is rather loud for a fart. It will sound like a 4 cylinder car shifting gears in fart form. It is possible that you can poop loosely too.
A four banger fart/dump sounds like a four cylinder car shifting gears and is very similar to shotgun pooping, but you do not feel a rush to go to the toilet. This poop will sometimes come out with force. The farting/poop sounds are more of an explaination for this. Four banger/fart dump, shotgun poop ( if there is a pause between the rushed dump as in diaherrea.
by Jon K of the Peach State March 21, 2009

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