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Used to describe something that is worthy to make one ejaculate
Noah: Hey Jon, you ever heard of crack-cocaine?

Jon: Yeah, that stuffs "creamworthy"
by Jon Bray August 11, 2005
1. A blend of tobacco (often used to roll one's own cigarettes or put in a pipe) created by collecting old cigarette butts from ashtrays around the neighborhood.

2. Simply smoking an assortment of cigarettes that you don't buy, but pick out of ashtrays. Usually done by young kids who cant buy real ones, or by Homeless people.
1. Eric had a pretty nice Hobo Blend going on after he picked about 100 cigarettes out of other people's ashtrays around town.

2. Dave: Hey man, can I bum a bogie?
Jeff: I don't think so man, this took me about 2 days to get a full pack of this hobo blend.
by Jon Bray September 30, 2006
Something one would say sarcastically, in a situation that doesn't really require any luck at all. Often said around someone who is extremely superstitious in order to mock their beliefs.
Keith: Alright dude, I'm gonna do it now...

Jon: Whoohoo... dont let me forget my Lucky Snake's Foot this time...
by Jon Bray September 30, 2006
To call one out on a lie, generally when someone says something so incredibly unbelievable that you're sure they must be lying. Based largely on the old centure honor system, the accused will usually admit to a lie after being called out on a bluff check.
Keith: No, no, no, it gets better... then I pull her wedding dress straight out the closet and take a fat piss on it!

Jon: Woah woah woah, bluff check man.

Keith: No lie doggy, swear to god!

Noah: Its true man, I was there.
by Jon Bray October 31, 2006
One who drinks, or extracts the alcohol from Listerine in order to get drunk. Usually people who have no money, or way of getting anything better. Hence the name bum.
Keith: Hey you want to Listo Bum it up tonight man?

Jon: Lets see... I dont have any money, and I've been sleeping on the streets for days now... why not.
by Jon Bray September 30, 2006
The sometimes sexual, always hilarious act of taking a dump in ones mouth, and duct taping it shut on them.
Dann: I Bamboozled this girl last night
Jon: You goof
by Jon Bray July 09, 2005

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