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Pedo-baiting is becoming popular with internet forums. It is where you go on to internet chat sites and create usernames that would attract pedophiles, then you lead the pedophile on, then spring it on him that you are really someone of the opposite sex or you are going to report them to the authorities. Then you post the conversation on the internet to humiliate the person.

When a person agrees to have cyber sex, with someone who is a minor, and they continue, they are basically soliciting a minor, thus making them a pedophile.
Brad: I made the nickname xxshugababii13xx and some pedophiles tried to have cyber sex, even though i told him i'm 13. Then, i told him he was a sick bastard and that i was going to turn him in.

Tom: LULZZ u went pedo-baiting!
by Jon Bingbing January 07, 2008

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